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A new place to be

The GEO-social project is made for thosу people who are tired of wating time and getting nothing from the outer world.


1  about.
Civilization 1440 is the geo network

That helps to get famous in your territory.
Find new interesting people and get best gisfts and discouts from the TOP New sellers and services.

2  tech.
Technologies Used

The mibile applications was built using a bunch of coding languages frameworks

3  prototyping.
+50 Screens

While making the rpototypes, we were following
the most important ames (as friendly interface and
minimal UX)

4. Styling


5  design.
+50 Screens

We chose the black style design to underline the
new GEO-social network, to make people think in
other way and focus on the main features
all designs

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