WinSoft creates CryptoMonopoly venture & crypto industry simulator

CryptoMonopoly is a simulator where anyone can try themselves as the founder of a startup or investor.

The project was founded in Moscow in 2017 as a browser game based on blockchain technology.
The main mechanic of the game is that the user can create a unique digital asset (startup idea) based on blockchain technology. Further, the owner of the asset can attract like-minded people (investors) to it, transferring a share of his asset in exchange for remuneration.

The monetization model of the project is commission. Investors make a small transaction in favor of the platform when paying for an asset share. The funds received are distributed between the platform operator and partners attracting new players.

Initial introductory
Develop games based on blockchain technology, reproducing the state of affairs in the crypto and venture industries.
Make a simple and understandable interface available to users with a basic understanding of IT.
Launch the first version of the game in 3 months.

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