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WinSoft and OneFun join forces to create a new travel platform

OneFun is a travel platform for gamers and pleasure seekers.

The platform helps you view and book tickets for entertainment events around the world through an online booking service.

Users get access to a variety of playgrounds and events in one application: concerts, tournaments, conferences, etc. The platform allows collecting travel package of services and events, including everything you need for travel: from an air ticket to an event ticket.

The OneFun platform has many tourism and entertainment partners around the world. Therefore, each user can choose game and event sites, hotels, air operators, transfer operators, etc.

Support integration with multiple partners with a different approach to data structuring. For example, both individual hotels and aggregators for renting apartments or hotels can be offered to select a place to stay.
Support for processing and creating the possibility of paying for the complex - a package of selected services (hotels, flights, events, transfers) at once in one place.
Ensuring work according to the LeanStartup principles, i.e. short iterations. This will help shorten the customer feedback loop.

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