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WinSoft improves the platform of an international affiliate company in the FinTech and iGaming industry.

VipDeposits Group is an international company

attracting users for FinTech and iGaming projects. It operates under 5 brands and cooperates with several thousand partners. The company has attracted more than 500,000 active users for its clients, whose geography includes 121 countries of the world.

VipDeposits interacts with a huge number of large and small partners. Among them: bloggers, opinion makers and community administrators from different countries and speaking different languages. Due to this, a constant, significant influx of paying users is achieved. The VipDeposits affiliate network is built on the MLM principle and includes several levels of partners.

The financial model is simple and beneficial for clients - RevShare - which means payment for real transactions of users. In other words, VipDeposits customers give away a share of their income without investing in marketing initially. A similar financial model is established between VipDeposits and partners.

The partner system VipDeposits implies integration with clients to obtain data on deposits and transactions, as well as a multi-level distribution of the received income between partners. At the same time, the system requires flexibility, providing the business with the ability to quickly and easily change the conditions for a particular partner, including recalculating past charges.

The growth of the business indicated the upcoming scaling challenges. As a result of each user transaction, 3-7 more multi-level operations arise in the VipDeposits system. This is due to the need to distribute income between partners.

Past experience has shown that the Fintech system should also be very flexible, allowing one to change almost any partner's parameters, including those for past periods. For example, when a partner brought in a lot of clients and requested an increase in income over the past period. Such changes can lead to a redistribution of income for the past period.

The speed of change in the industry has imposed corresponding demands on the speed and stability of product delivery.

The need arose to integrate many clients with the development of the business. Customer data is structured differently and flows through different channels. The system had to be universalized and adapted to integrate new users.
However, it became clear that the FinTech system should support several projects with different rules for processing clients and partners.

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